May 19, 2014

Elder Adamek Weekly Update - May. 19, 2014

A good day and greetings to all,

I'm not sure exactly what to write. It's often difficult to remember everything that happened throughout the last week and I usually use my journal to recall most things. I have forgotten my journal and am experiencing terrible writers block.

We met a lot of people this past week who are Seventh-Day Adventist. Each of them were willing to hear a message from Elder Mosher and I. The first family we taught, there was a mother and three kids present. They were really nice and even shared with us things about their faith. We gave them a copy of the Book of Mormon and they gave us a few books from their church. Above all, it was great to build each other's faith in Christ.

We went to one of our appointments and the person wasn't home, but we noticed a family moving into a home next door so we walked over and offered our help. The man looked at us and said, "If you aren't here to help, we aren't interested!" Turns out that we were there to help, so we did! They had moved from San Jose that morning at 4am and had driven the entire day. It was great that the first people they met in their new town were the missionaries! We went down the street and told one of their neighbors who is a Church member that they were new and he determined immediately that they needed to have a container of fried chicken for dinner! He went over and got to know them right away! 

The dry weather finally got to me. We biked over to an area where we had determined we would meet new people. After knocking on the first door, my nose started bleeding. Luckily, the Church building was nearby so we just went over there for a little while. It's strange, because Idahoans have been telling us that it's been a pretty wet and humid spring. 

We spoke with several people this past week who have asked some pretty great questions though some interesting ones. One woman told us how she just didn't know how Noah's Ark was possible. I wonder if she saw the movie, which I've heard gives a pretty loosely-based account of the actually Bible story. Her boyfriend kept asking us about worship on the seventh day and why we ate pork. He is a great guy! We invited him to read the Book of Mormon.

We've met people with lots of questions about the details of the Gospel and our message. Many times, we don't know the answer to them. What we do know is that God is our loving Heavenly Father and that He sent His Son Jesus Christ to suffer the Atonement for our physical and spiritual redemption. We know that Christ established His Church with His authority and power when He lived on the earth. We know that His Church has been on the earth many times throughout the ages whenever God called prophets to lead and guide His children. We know that God has again called a prophet and has restored His Church, which is called the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, because it is preparing followers of Christ for His Second Coming. We've met many great people with great faith and we seek to help them grow even more and prepare for Christ's coming. 

I pray and hope you all will have a splendid week!


Elder Adamek

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