Jun 16, 2014

Elder Adamek Weekly Update - June 16, 2014

Hello again,

Miracles happen daily. What are the miracles in your life?

This past Sunday was Father's Day. All the children ages 3-11 years old sang a couple songs in the front of the congregation, but the focus of the music was on the fathers. These children are in Primary, which is the Church's children's organization. It was precious. I hope you all had the opportunity to spend time in communication with your fathers and fatherly figures in your life. I really enjoy this video about fatherhood. http://goo.gl/LGV0d2

As the closing speaker finished his talk about the impact his father and grandfather had in his life, I felt a great gratitude for my father, grandparents and all the men in my life who have been such a great influence. Their love, patience, and care are types of the perfect love God has for each of us, His children. 

I finally got sick. Eleven weeks in and I got a cold, which, considering the stuff some people are catching out here, I'm grateful it wasn't anything worse. The Lord has definitely blessed me with health to be able to serve Him and His children. I was still able to go out and work and I am already recovering from it. 

This past week, Elder Mosher, two other Elders and I were able to attend a couple camp meetings for the Seventh Day Adventist Church here in Idaho and Oregon. We had been invited by an Adventist family we have been teaching the restored Gospel. What a great experience! We attended a couple two-hour sessions. The first hour was full of announcements, worship music, prayers, and offerings for various church programs. The second hour saw Elizabeth Talbot, Ph.D in Biblical Studies, give some amazing lectures on Jesus Christ's ultimate victory. Everyone had their Bible pulled out as she taught principles present from Genesis through Revelations. Before and after the meetings, we had the opportunity to get to know several members of their church. Everyone we talked to was very nice! Some people were surprised that a few missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were in attendance! The camp meetings were live-streamed over the Internet and to other church locations, so there were several cameras set up to get shots of the speaker and the audience. At one point I looked up from where I was reading in the Bible to see the side and back of my head projected up on two large screens in the front of the gymnasium. 

We have been speaking to more people on the street and at the door! Our appointments that we have been trying to set for investigators have been falling through time and time again. We have been learning much in the way of patience and perseverance. My companion's bike has also had several interesting failures this past week. It continues to be a joy whenever we are able to stop and share our testimonies of the Savior and His Gospel. 

I hope you are all doing exceedingly well. 

By the way, if you want to read my other updates you can head to my blog: foundedinfaith.blogspot.com


Elder Adamek

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