Jun 2, 2014

Elder Adamek Weekly Update - June 2, 2014

Peace is flowing like a river (or irrigation ditch) and hello from Caldwell!

Missions aren't easy. Missionary work, particularly missionary work where sharing religion and spiritual messages are concerned, is not easy. I went into my mission having heard that being a missionary wouldn't be easy. It was an expectation. However, nothing can really prepare a person for the disappointment and frustration that is experienced. In my previous emails, I've put a pretty positive attitude into everything I've related. This is because, overall, I am very happy to be here and the joy I've felt here on my mission far exceeds that of the frustration and sadness. Happiness wins every time. This is because happiness comes from God. God wins every time. 

This past Saturday, we had one of the leaders of the Church visit all the new missionaries and their trainers. It was Elder Godoy of the Seventy. He is from Brazil, but speaks very good English. The title "Seventy" comes from the Bible where Christ calls men other than His Apostles to assist Him. (Luke 10:1;17) https://www.lds.org/church/leaders/quorums-of-the-seventy?lang=eng 

Elder Mosher got sick this past week. Whenever a missionary gets sick, two or three missionaries are affected since we minister in pairs or trios. I managed to avoid getting physically sick, but we remained in our apartment for the day, but were able to work the following day.

Elder Godoy is a very animated person and has a very strong faith in God. As he spoke about how missions affect our lives not only now, but for the rest of our lives, I had a good deal of time to think. I left with an even greater desire to become a better person and to strengthen my faith in God unto repentance. It was an appropriate realization. I have realized more and more that an understanding and sincere application of Jesus Christ's Atonement in my life is the most essential thing I can do. Seems pretty obvious, but I came to a greater understanding of that truth this week. I know that as we strengthen our faith in Christ and accept His Atonement, we will become people more than we could have become without Christ. 

I am so grateful to be here. 


Elder Adamek

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