Jun 24, 2014

Elder Adamek Weekly Update - June 23, 2014


Another 6 weeks ended and that meant that transfers were today! Elder Mosher, my trainer and companion here in Caldwell, was transferred to Baker City, Oregon! I stayed here and received a new companion, Elder Hatefi (had uh fee)! I am looking forward to continuing to work with him here in Caldwell! 

Transfer day can be a very interesting day indeed. There a locations throughout the mission where missionaries are picked up and dropped off along with mission vehicles and luggage. The day can start off pretty early. We woke up at 5:30am this morning, which isn't bad. We headed to the drop off/pick up spot and spent several hours waiting for the various details of transfer day to be ironed out. In short, I have my new companion, who has been out here for 14 months, and great things are going to happen!

Our landlord invited Elder Mosher and I over this past week for dinner. We literally walked out of our apartment, across the lawn, and into his house. His girlfriend was there as well and we had a great discussion on the beliefs of Jews and Mormons, since he and his girlfriend are Jewish. I also come to realize that our landlord, who is a basketball coach, had once worked for the UCLA Bruins basketball team. I have no connection to the team, but happened to enjoy watching the UCLA teams during March Madness that had done well under his influence. It is indeed a small world.

Speaking of sports, the FIFA World Cup has had an impact on missionary work recently. Since there is a large Hispanic population in the area the Spanish speaking missionaries who serve them have found it increasingly difficult to contact people. While people are yelling "GOOOOOOL!", the missionaries are yelling "NOOOOOO" Soccer appears to be a religion of its own. We walked into a Mexican restaurant today and there, of course, was the Mexico game on the television. Everyone in the restaurant was sitting the booths and chairs facing the TV and nowhere else.

I am doing well here. We have met several new people and families that are desiring to strengthen their faith in Christ. After all the random experiences that I have throughout the day, this is what brings me the most satisfaction and joy; being able to witness people make decisions that bring them closer to God.

I was able to witness a baptism this past week of a man who had made that decision to follow Christ and be baptized by His authority. A Sister missionary and I had prepared a musical number for him and throughout the entire service, the Holy Spirit was there. 

Of course, there were also several interesting experiences this past week, including one with a man telling us to get off of his property and another with a woman telling us that we believed in things that we don't believe. These moments are greatly overshadowed by the joyous moments of mutual respect, love, and understanding. 

I am grateful to be here serving a mission for the Lord. Crazy things are happening out in the world. Even not connected to the news, I have heard of many things occurring. Trusting in God and in the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only thing that will see us through these tragedies and calamities.

I hope you are all doing well! Thank you so much for the thoughts and prayers you have sent my way. I certainly have need for them moment to moment. Thank you!


Elder Adamek

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