Jul 15, 2014

Elder Adamek Weekly Update - July 14, 2014


I am but a lad. Serving a mission is humbling, but it is worth it.

Down the road from where we live, there was a house that we hadn't knocked on to see if anyone would be interested in hearing more about God and Jesus Christ. We walked over. The door opened and a young man stepped out and started talking with us. I noticed he had on a work uniform and his name tag said "Preston" on it. I made mention that I was from Preston, Minnesota. Turns out, he had lived in Minnesota and graduated from high school there. He had considered attending the University of Minnesota and went to ball games there and was a Gophers fan. These small and seemingly insignificant moments prove to me that not only is the world small, but that nothing is coincidence. Everything happens for a reason. Of course, I could be making a big deal about meeting yet another person with strong ties to Minnesota!

We had left a restaurant last Wednesday and were waiting for a ride to pick us up when a lady outside of a nearby coffee shop called out to us, "Are you Mormons? Come minister to us!" I smiled at the unlikelihood of such a situation and our group of 4 missionaries walked over and started talking to the two women sitting there. We built some common ground between our beliefs. One of the women started talking about oneness with God through love, but went deeper into a more mystical and mysterious process of understanding it. 

Many people we meet have a very different understanding about the character of God. We believe that He has a perfected and glorified body and is literally the Father of our spirits. He is our Father in heaven. We believe Jesus Christ is His only begotten son in the flesh and spirit. We believe they are two separate and distinct beings, but are perfectly united in purpose, in essence, one. 

After a praying in a circle while holding hands, we went on our way. 

I met another man this past week who had served in Vietnam. He has a lot of mental, emotional, and physical problems. He believes in God and Jesus Christ and is learning more about them through the restored Gospel and the Church. However, because of his problems, he has trouble making decisions and doing things that would help him decide for himself if the Gospel and Church is true. I realized that many people are in the same situation. They will not be condemned. God is fair and the Atonement of Jesus Christ allows everyone an equal and very merciful opportunity to learn about and accept a fullness of truth. 

I hope you are all well.


Elder Adamek

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