Sep 2, 2014

Elder Adamek Weekly Update - Sept. 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day! I hope your labors go well!

Every Monday is Labor Day for missionaries! We call it Preparation Day or P-DAY! and it is our mandated day off (really about 8 hours off) We go back to work after 6pm. 

This past week saw the weed population in various locations get decimated, at least for a little while. Elder Hatefi and I helped out a guy with some beastly weeds growing in his pasture. We didn't get it all done, but he let us know that we were more than welcome to come back and do it again. Looks like we'll be going back! That same day, we joined a group of missionaries helping another guy weed and clean up his house in preparation for moving and selling it. It's a little known fact that missionaries can increase your property value. We were pretty tired after these two projects, but it felt good to help other people out, even if it was just pulling weeds. 

Later that evening a guy we visited told us the most horrific spider story I've ever heard. I also noticed above his head a web with a rather large spider resting on it. Once the wind picked up and his door slammed shut, the spider disappeared. With a yelp, I jumped off his front step, stopping to quickly apologize for my eccentric behavior and explaining that I had thought the spider had fallen on me and that I hated spiders. Everyone commenced to guffaw. 

The daughter of the Bishop of the ward I'm serving in just returned from her mission to Madrid, Spain. She spoke in sacrament meeting and had to stop a few times and think about what the translation of the word she wanted to use in English, since she got used to speaking Spanish for a year and a half. The words she did share reminded me of why I'm out here in Idaho serving a mission and I was filled with a greater desire to serve and love the people out here. I am very grateful to be serving God here.

I hope you each have a great week!


Elder Adamek

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