Sep 9, 2014

Elder Adamek Weekly Update - Sept. 8, 2014

Hello all,

First things first . . . the weather. Feels good. Not too hot. Nice cool breeze. Looking forward to winter.

Second things second . . . Monopoly is most likely a game of the devil. Too much contention, greed and secret hatred is created through the acquisition of fake money and false deeds. 

Third things third . . . I heard the song "Let It Go" this past week for the first time ever (people out here are shocked when I tell them I didn't see Frozen before I started my mission) Song is catchy and message is YOLOish. Hopefully I won't have to hear it again.

This past week has been very good! We have been teaching and helping people who have truly been striving to do better in their lives. Whether it is developing greater faith to overcome fear, overcoming addictions and bad family situations, or just asking questions to further an understanding and testimony of God, my companion and I have been blessed to witness miracles this past week in other people's lives. These experiences have also changed us and helped us to love others to a greater capacity.

We have been emphasizing the importance of the Book of Mormon as we talk to people since a lot of people haven't actually read it. We meet plenty of people who say they know what we believe in, but they don't realize or know that we believe in both the Book of Mormon and the Bible. 

A fellow Elder out here helped me realize that I am not only representing the Savior in my work here in Idaho (His name is on our nametags), but also my family. I carry the name Adamek with me everywhere I go. I am proud to be doing that. Hopefully you all can think of the ways that you are representing your family's name as you go about your days.

I hope you each have a great week!


Elder Adamek

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