Oct 28, 2014

Elder Adamek Pictures - Vol. 4 Issue 2

Here's some more!

​The Kuna Zone: Front from left: Elder Christensen, Elder Homer, Sister Gutierrez, Sister Broadhead, Sister Branham, Sister Longhurst, Sister Stevens, Sister Empey; back from left: Elder Rogers, Elder Van Wagoner, Elder Parker, Elder Hasenauer, Elder Kang, Elder Olsen, Elder Whitmer, Elder Garrett, Elder Adamek (me!), Elder Deal, Elder Jones, Elder Meyers, Elder Astle

I got into the cave. No tours. 

Another P-Day activity saw the Zone make their way into the deep recesses of Kuna Cave, or as I like to refer to it, Kuna Kave.

​Elder Deal and I exhibit nigh-on perfect product placement. We were a just a little excited to have this beverage from our youth.


Elder Adamek

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