Oct 21, 2014

Elder Adamek Weekly Update - Oct. 20, 2014

Hello everyone,

Very blustery and chilly one second and then blazing hot the next . . . typical Idaho weather. 

This past week has been an increasingly busy one and E. Deal and I have continued to improve as a companionship in our work here in Kuna. The Lord continues to guide us to the right places at the right times.

E. Deal and I were biking one afternoon in a part of our area and my mind was blank; I had no idea where to go. I said a silent prayer as we neared an intersection and felt prompted to turn right. As we rode around the bend, a man sitting out front of his house greeted us and we stopped and started talking to him. I shared the fact that I had just said a prayer to know where to go and was guided to the spot we were at. As we spoke, the man declined an invitation to learn more, but we continued to have a good conversation and we found common ground in understanding. A handshake later and we left in good spirits. Why did I feel good? I believe it was because we showed love and understanding and respect to him. Good comes from God and certainly love, understanding and respect are good things. He may have not agreed with what we shared or expressed a current interest in finding out for himself if God is there, but he could see where we were coming from and we could see where he was coming from as well. We told him that God knows each of us individually. Elder Deal and I had several experiences this past week that confirmed to us that there are no coincidences. I know I am here in Idaho for many reasons. That same day, we met with a woman and family who had lived in Minnesota. I could see the Vikings hat. Coincidence . . . I think not!

Proverbs 38:20 - This was a theme for the week. Spiders are terrible. We helped a couple clean up their home before they moved out and there were terribly big spiders there. They are all now dead . . . but probably not. 

I hope you all have a great week!


Elder Adamek

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