Oct 28, 2014

Elder Adamek Weekly Update - Oct. 27, 2014

Happy day,

The weather is cooling nicely here and I've donned a sweater, which actually is embarrassing because I would have thought I would have been able to handle the cooler temperatures more easily. At least everyone seems to think so since I'm from Minnesota. Cold is cold. Hot is hot. 

The leaves are falling and to my own peril I've begun trying to hit as many leaves on the ground as possible on my way to appointments and visits. The crunching sound is delicious. 

We had a wonderful visit and Bible study with a man this week who is Baptist. He even gave us a lift to our next appointment. He asked us what the basic differences are between our beliefs and those of most of the rest of Christianity. We told him about the Godhead. We believe that Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are physically separate, but perfectly united in purpose. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have perfected bodies of flesh and bone and the Holy Ghost does not have a body, which is why we can feel Him in our hearts and minds. That's the most fundamental difference. We went from there, but all our discussion really hinged on that understanding. The discussion was very respectful and I felt the Holy Ghost guiding the conversation, so I felt good after Elder Deal and I left to go to our next appointment. 

It's a small world. Elder Deal and I had prayed to know what street we should visit and get to know the people on and invite to learn more. Both of us received the name of a particular street, so we headed out and ended up meeting three families that were very welcoming and cool with us coming by again. We spoke at length with one family and I came to find out that they knew a family I had come to know well in my last area in Caldwell. Of course, it's not that far away from Kuna, but it still was amazing to make that connection. 

Lots of cancelled appointments and the BYU/BSU game made our Friday one of testing our patience. People idolize football out here, which actually is the same seemingly everywhere else in America. 

Transfer calls came in and I, Elder Deal, and most of our Zone will be staying here in Kuna! I am glad I'll be here through Thanksgiving. I am grateful to be here. 

We nearly died of cute this past Sunday when the Primary program occurred at church. Lots of kids ages 4-11 sang and shared messages about families being together forever. The whole program went off without much a hitch, which is nothing short of a miracle apparently. 

All is well! I hope you have a wonderful week!

Elder Adamek

p.s. Ok, so I was happy to hear about the Golden Gophers defeating Purdue in dramatic fashion.

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