Dec 2, 2014

Elder Adamek Weekly Update - Dec. 1, 2014

Happy December to all!


All right, you may all be thinking . . . Why is Elder Adamek promoting social media-hashtag-pound-sharp-signs? It's true, I can't use the Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest/G+ machines at all (at least not yet...) but I'm still going to #SharetheGift in whatever ways I can. 

I'll explain.

This Christmas season, we are focusing on sharing the message of Christ's birth, which makes sense. It's been amazing to see, so far, just how much the Spirit of God is poured out among everyone around us. People have been more receptive. In addition to inviting people to hear the message of Christ's birth, we have also been sharing a new video that the Church put out on a new website:

It's a really great video and every time I watch it, it brings feelings of warmth and comfort to my heart. I would encourage you all to see it. It's only about 3 minutes. Share it if you like it! Use the hashtag, because I can't.

This past week, E. Deal has still been going through some back problems, but he recently started physical therapy, which we hope will benefit him. I have been going on splits with youth in our ward, which basically means E. Deal stays home with another person, while I go out and work with another young man who is preparing for his mission. It's worked pretty well this past week. 

I hope you all have a great week!


Elder Adamek

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