Dec 9, 2014

Elder Adamek Weekly Update - Dec. 8, 2014

Konichiwa from Kuna,

No, I'm not learning Japanese, but it's the only salutation that three Elders around me could come up with that also started with "K" as in Kuna.

Things are going splendidly here in Kuna and could always be worse. I am grateful for the trials and struggles that I have had thus far because I have seen the impact of them on my growth as a missionary and individual. 

E. Deal was transferred. A sad day. However, he moved across the street to cover another area, so we will still see each other frequently at district meetings and on preparation days. I learned so much from him within the past three months and he is a great Elder. We got transfer calls from our mission president telling us where we will be going. We had been anticipating these, hoping that we would be staying together another transfer, but the Lord has other plans for both of us. He moved to his new area today and I am awaiting assignment of another missionary, as I will be training a new missionary coming into the field. I will be staying in Kuna in the same ward I've been for the past three months and I am very excited about that. During this past Sunday's meeting, Elder Deal and I gave our testimonies to the congregation, telling them the things that we know are true. At the end, I informed them that a new missionary would be coming in and that they should pray for him. Apparently the way I said it or the phrase itself was funny because they laughed. 

The youth in our ward have been amazing. They helped me get to appointments when E. Deal's back wasn't favoring him to make those appointments as well. 

We had a ward Christmas dinner last week and we met a man who sounds exactly like Regis Philbin. The next morning, Santa came to the ward Christmas breakfast, and I got a candy cane.

I must go. Today has been a crazy day and full of joy as I've been able to reconnect with Elder Bradley and many other missionaries. Talk to you all soon!


Elder Adamek

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