Jan 27, 2015

E. Adamek Mission Jan. 26, 2015


Things are well here in the land of Kuna. I have been nursing a left knee that has me on traveling from place to place on crutches and we shall see what comes of it. I am seeing a doctor and will probably know more after Wednesday. 

Meanwhile, the missionary work here is going well, especially with Elder Barker coming in. He is a character and doesn't like Alabama football, so we get along well. In fact, he reminds me of Elder Bradley, which is a good thing. We are working well together and learning from each other quite a bit. He has been persistent in making sure that I ice my knee, take the anti-inflammatory drugs that I need to, and keep my humor through it all. 

The week actually feels like it has been a lot longer than it actually has, so much has happened, and there is too much, even to sum up. 

We were blessed with the opportunity this past week to start teaching a family that lives in the area. The mother, father and four girls are all eager to learn more about the Gospel and Jesus Christ and the blessings that come from Him. It was a great moment to take away the disappointment I felt earlier in the week when one of the people who was meeting with us disappeared and got caught up with a number of things from his past and current problems. We hope that the things he learned will help him make good decisions in the future. 

We have an event out here in the Kuna Stake, called "Come and See". It allows other people the chance to tour our buildings and learn more about what we believe and what we do in a visitor-center style, relaxed format. The theme of the events during this quarter of the year are centered on the family and around Easter time, the theme will be Jesus Christ's Atonement. It's been awesome! Several of the early apostles and disciples came to know and believe in Jesus Christ because of the invitation from others to "come and see" -John 1:35-51

I hope that you all are having a wonderful week! 


Elder Adamek

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