Feb 3, 2015

New Family - E. Adamek Mission Feb. 2, 2015

Greetings all,

Freshly inspired on this past Tuesday due to a Zone Meeting, E. Barker and I have been working with vim and vigor. Despite the Spiritual Stupor Bowl (my favored name for the game) that occurred yesterday, we saw a great number of people come to church that we had invited. 

We found out this past week that Elder L. Tom Perry of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles is going to visit the mission and speak at a mission conference later this month! Elder Nielson of the Seventy and Sister Marriott of the Young Women's General Presidency. I am really excited to hear what these servants of the Lord have to say to us! It will be my first time meeting an Apostle of the Lord! 

I had the blessing of being able to talk to three kids this past week in preparation for their baptism and confirmation. In what is called an interview I asked each of them a few questions about what they believed and I was humbled by their answers. The oldest was 13 and the youngest 9 and it was made apparent to me that the Spirit truly speaks to children very strongly and their understanding of spiritual matters is profound. Their testimonies of the Savior were particularly inspiring. Attending their baptism was amazing and their family is growing closer together.

Speaking of families, we keep finding more who are interested in learning about how the Gospel can help them. One family that we are beginning to teach really recognizes the blessings of the Gospel and the truth through the Spirit. My heart is touched every time we visit with them.

I received word that a young man from the first ward I served in decided to be baptized. He had been receiving lessons and attending church for a couple years. It's awesome! I hope to be able to attend the baptism later this week! 

This past week was very spiritual. Lots of things happened that were small, but significant. The scriptures explain in Alma 37:6.

Have a wonderful week everyone!


Elder Adamek

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