Feb 10, 2015

New Life - E. Adamek Mission Feb. 9, 2015

Dear everyone,

I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who knows each one of us perfectly. All of our struggles, pain, and heartache, He knows and so does His Son, Jesus Christ, who suffered for it all. This week has been proof that God does inspire the people of the earth and guides them, if they are willing, to higher and greater places full of peace and joy.

My call as a missionary is to testify of this reality. The testimony I share is strengthened as experiences occur such as the one which follows:

A mere half hour ago, my companion and friend Elder Barker found out that one of his friends back home had died. He found out just as the mission president's wife and mission president arrived at the library from where we were emailing. Initially, they had come down just to deliver some sheet music to me for a conference the missionaries will be having in a couple weeks. However, that wasn't the reason God had in mind. In his grief, my companion needed a blessing and needed counsel. There is no better person to turn to within the mission than the mission president. Mission presidents are very busy and have many demands and obligations, so time spent with him is a precious blessing. God knew Elder Barker would need a special blessing and so He sent the mission president to him, over 30 miles away. God also provided the way for the blessing to occur. There was no other option than to have the blessing take place there in the library, in a quiet study room. And so, despite being held in a very public place, God was able to bless Elder Barker through the mission president in a very quiet and private manner. 

The blessing itself brought peace and comfort to Elder Barker, but reassurance also came to me from God over things that I had been worrying about recently. God blessed us both.

There is no such thing as coincidence. If I were limited to one experience in my life to show me that God is mindful of each one of us, then the experience I have just related would be sufficient. But no, God does not just leave us with crumbs of experiences to rely on and to build our faith, but gives us loaves and loaves of them to sustain us day to day. He truly gives us our daily bread. 

I know that God lives and that He loves us. I know that there is no worry or trial that He is not already aware of in advance and has planned for to lift us when we seek for Him. I know that it does not matter what mindset we have or how close we feel to Him, we can always turn to Him. He requires a humble heart and true desire to be helped and enough patience to wait for the blessings to come. They will come. 

"If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?" - Luke 11:13

There is hope in God's light. http://youtu.be/2w49_1a9X0Q

One other loaf the Lord gave to me this past week was through the baptism of a young man who many missionaries, including myself, had taught in what was my first area in Caldwell. God is mindful of him and the blessings coming into his life as a result of his decision are innumerable. The Spirit which was there was ennobling. He was spiritually reborn and given new life as was Elder Barker's friend whose body failed, but whose spirit lives on.

We each have a daily commitment to make to ourselves. Will we live anew despite the world's pressures and problems and our own? I know that we each have the capability to do so. 

I love each of you and hope and pray that you will find this week to be full of life and love.


Elder Adamek

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