Mar 23, 2015

New Eyes - E. Adamek Mission Mar. 23, 2015

Hello again!

I feel like an old man. My knee has been doing quite well. Then the weather changed the other day, it got cooler, started raining and the barometric pressure changed. My knee creaked and groaned in protest and I realized that this is not a good sign. 

My new eyeglasses came in this past week and I was told by the eye doctor, who is member in our ward, that they make me look hipster, but in a conservative way . . . so, in other words, I'm not sure that I know (or anyone else for that matter) how they make me look. But I guess you could say that I have a new outlook on life.

One of the families in our ward had their son return from a mission to Philadelphia (Spanish-speaking) this past week and we went over to greet him at their home. It was strange to walk in and see another person with a name tag on, but know that they weren't called to serve in our area. It was a great reminder that my mission isn't going to last much longer and that I need to make the most of it.

I was looking forward to a particular lunch this past week because I had just bought a new jar of pickles for my sandwiches. In my eagerness and haste to grab all the materials for my sandwich out of the refrigerator the jar was dropped and then I had no pickles. Sad day. 

This past weekend was stake conference. It was amazing just how many answers to questions I didn't realize I had came to me by way of the Holy Spirit. Elder Paul Johnson of the Quorum of the Seventy attended and spoke at those meetings. I am grateful for the things the Spirit taught me and I know that those things are true. I was able to see things more clearly and understand principles of the Gospel that I have been earnestly trying to understand and apply more fully in my mission and life. I know that God has helped me.

I hope that you all have a wonderful week!


Elder Adamek

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