Mar 2, 2015

New Testimony - E. Adamek Mar. 2, 2015

Greetings from Kuna,

Transfer calls occurred this past weekend. As E. Barker and I listened to the voicemail which directs us to wherever we are headed next, it cut out just as we were about to find out what was happening to us. Then we waited for another 40 minutes until our Zone Leaders texted us and told us that we were both staying. O, how I rejoiced at this news! I will be here in Kuna until at least mid-April. That means I will have been here in Kuna for 7 months! 

All the missionaries in the Idaho Nampa Mission had an amazing blessing this past weekend. We had a mission conference in Nampa and Elder L. Tom Perry of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles visited us along with Elder Bruce H. Nielsen of the Seventy and Sister Marriott of the General Young Women's Presidency. They spoke to us and I was spiritually uplifted to a great degree. I learned a lot and gained insights into things that I need to be doing better on. I have been learning a lot about humility, patience, and charity. I know the Lord has been helping me through the Holy Ghost to develop these characteristics. I know that all of them are going to be put to the test over and over again, but that is one of the purposes of life. It's going to be okay.

As a result of feeling the Holy Spirit in great abundance this past week, my testimony of the Savior, Jesus Christ and many points of His doctrine have been sunk deeper into my soul. This has been reflected in how I approach missionary work and my interaction with others. By no means does it mean that I make less mistakes because I am recognizing more and more mistakes that I make all the time. My awareness of my own reliance on the Lord has increased greatly. This has been perhaps the greatest blessing I've received.

I've seen this happen with a family we are teaching at this time. They are developing and discovering new aspects of their testimony every day. These are new developments for them, but for me I am developing anew those same points of my testimony. 

I love you all. God loves you all. There were many other details to my experiences this past week, but those things which I have shared are those which were the most important and stuck out in my mind. I hope you each had experiences this past week that built your faith, whether in God, or in a friend or family member. This faith is precious and is powerful. It is not blind. It is real. 

Have a wonderful week and have faith. 


Elder Adamek

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