Apr 20, 2015

New Immunity - E. Adamek Mission Apr. 20, 2015


I was so eager to get going this past week, in this new area of Payette. I woke up on Tuesday morning with determination in my heart. We went and dug a couple cement-encased clothesline poles out of the ground of a neighbors home. I was severely weakened by that and didn't feel too great afterwards. We went straight to another project of mowing lawn. I made it through halfway of my part and started having the chills. I felt terrible physically and also disappointed that I was showing forth such a terrible first impression for these people we were helping. Then, we went and helped a guy move some televisions and firewood. I felt so bad for the last person we helped that I forced myself to do some of the lifting because I figured I felt better than he did. 

Well, that about did me in. I spent the next day and a half with a fever, in bed.

I got out of that physically depressing time. Back to work. We helped in the cleanup of the greenbelt here in town for a few hours. There weren't too many people from the community there since the whole town was celebrating Killebrew Days! 

I hope you all have a wonderful week!


Elder Adamek

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