Jun 8, 2015

New Connection - E. Adamek Mission Jun. 1, 2015

Hey all!

Things sure get stressful fast, just at the same time things get awesome fast! My companion and I attended a meeting this past week for a training that we then had to pass on to the rest of the missionaries within the zone we are in . . . with only one day to prepare. That was stressful, but also a great experience to see how the Lord inspired us in our time of great need to be able to plan and prepare effectively. It reminded me a lot of the many deadline articles I had to write before my mission and the focus and clarity that came to my mind in those moments was very similar. Forced procrastination is terrible, but at least it's better than actual procrastination!

The meeting itself went really well and we all felt the Spirit.

I have been finding a new groove in my personal studies and have been gaining a lot of insight in how to personally apply the ministry and life of Jesus Christ. I have been reading Jesus the Christ which is where I've been gaining a lot of insights. 

We prayed the other day about a specific place in Baker City that we should visit and meet new people. We went there and talked with a member of the Church who said that she and her family would pray for us as we went out. We knocked on their neighbor's door to see if they needed help in their yard (they have several projects going on) and no one answered. We walked down the street and started talking with a lady who was taking care of her horse. She was really nice and we will be going back to help her with her animals . . . which should be interesting! We walked over to another house and a lady came to the door and was very nice. We started talking about her garden and how awesome it was. The conversation went on a little bit further and she told us that she was grateful that we had come by and felt like it was an answer to her worries and prayers. She said that she hadn't even planned on being in town, but that she was supposed to be in Minnesota . . . wait, what?

I told her I was from Minnesota. She was shocked. She asked where. I said Randall. She was even more shocked. Turns out, she was planning on going to Sauk Centre. I was like "That's really cool!" I asked her what her last name was. She told me and I realized that I knew someone with that last name. I asked her if she knew him. Turns out that its her brother. 

I know the Lord is mindful of every single one of us. I know that He knows what we need at every moment. God is real and He lives and He loves us. 

Have an amazing week everyone!

Elder Adamek

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