Jun 15, 2015

New Light - E. Adamek Mission Jun. 15, 2015

Hello everyone!

When the going gets tough . . . you realize that you can't do anything without God. 

Humility is remarkable. It opens up our minds to truths that we would otherwise be hardened to. I realized throughout this past week that amidst trials of body and mind, God is always there and we can come to understand that more powerfully as we just keep going and keep striving. Then, the light and truth that was always there, and which brings refreshment to the soul, floods in and heals. I have experienced this and I have come to know that God is real and that He lives for us. 

We are meeting with a lady who has come close to committing suicide a few times and really wants to find joy in her life. She has been going through so many trials, some of which are outside of her control and some which have come about because of possible poor decisions. In any case, it doesn't matter because God's hand is outstretched to her and she is recognizing that more and more as we visit her. She is the lady that is the sister to a man a know back in Minnesota. We have a special connection because of that and I have gained a stronger understanding that God works through each of us and prepares us to serve others through every single experience or person we have and come to know in this life. She called us this past week in a spiritual emergency and we rushed right over. She was so sad. As we talked, we could see a visible change in her countenance. She remarked that she had a painting of Heavenly Father in her house that she wanted us to see. She went in to get it and I joked with my companion that it would be a painting typically seen in our Church. She came out with it and my companion got to see it first. I watched E. Sorensen's reaction and instantly I knew that my "joke" had been dead on! He turned the painting around and there was Jesus Christ. 

I would have included a picture of the painting, but it has a copyright on it by the artist. 

We talked about Jesus Christ and when we left, she was feeling much better. This is the power of the Holy Ghost touching and changing hearts. God loves us and He loves her.

I hope you each have a wonderful week and can feel God's love for you in some way.

Elder Adamek

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