Jun 29, 2015

New Missionary - E. Adamek Mission Jun. 29, 2015

Hello everyone!

The heat got turned up a lot this past week....high 90s and even into the 100s. I could even feel the humidity a little bit. There's the weather update.

Despite the heat, the missionary work here in Baker City was blessed and E. Sorensen and I prayed for and saw miracles from the Lord. Personally, I have been experiencing great changes of heart. As of recent weeks, I had been struggling with remaining positive and hopeful. I realized that I needed to change and rely upon the Lord to create that change within me. I thought I had learned humility, but I realized that all the humbling experiences I was having weren't benefiting me in the long-term. I would forget and lapse back into a similar frame of mind, which was negative and frustrating. We all struggle with this because we are human and we fall short all of the time. However, I have learned that when God lifts us up and we still fall, we need not fall back to where we were before. In fact, as we trust in the Lord, it is not in God's plan of infinite love and mercy for us to allow regression to happen if we don't want it to happen. Even if we struggle, we are still better than we were yesterday, as we trust in the Lord.

I have been putting forth effort in being more positive and prayerful. It is through prayers that we can access power from God that He wants to give to us. We just need to ask for it. This past week, I had a breakthrough. I was assigned to speak on the Christ-like attribute of humility for a district meeting in a district where the missionaries are very humble, hard working, and successful because of their trust in God. I have had desires to become more like these missionaries for this whole transfer. As I stood and delivered what I had prepared on humility and then listened and pondered on what the other missionaries were speaking about, I felt the Spirit of God work really hard on my spirit. Tension, worries, frustrations, failures, negative self-talk, and so much more was eaten away and replaced with love, understanding, and patience. After that meeting, I felt an increase of power to follow through on the commitments I have made to be prayerful and positive and more trusting in God. 

I was able to go back to Payette and  . . . . have some A&W root beer....twice! haha! It was really great to see many of the people that I knew and was teaching at that time, only a month ago. I saw the man from the Netherlands, Gerard, that we were teaching. He recently decided to stop having the missionaries come over, so we talked a little about that and promised him that the answers to his questions would come as he continues to put forth the effort he had in the past. It was super good to see him! It was great to see the crew at A&W! 

E. Sorensen and I have been doing something called inspired tracting. Instead of just going out and knocking on random doors and praying in general to find someone, we have found great guidance through prayerfully locating a specific street/section in Baker City to visit. We pray and then look at a map. On our own, we determine where we feel prompted to go and then share that with each other. We then make a decision where to go, have that confirmed by the Spirit and then head over there. Every time we do it, we find someone, whether a less-active member who wants to come back to church or someone new. This past week, we were out in the heat doing this activity. We stopped at a member's house and asked them to pray for us. We knocked a few doors that stuck out, but no one answered. E. Sorensen suggested we pray. There on the sidewalk we asked Heavenly Father to help us. While we were praying, I heard a truck drive up and I knew by the Spirit that God had answered our prayer. I looked up and the truck had pulled into the driveway a mere 5 yards away. E. Sorensen said "Is it really that easy?" The lady that got out had us help her carry some stuff for her and we talked to her and prayed with her. Linda had lost her husband last December. She has a strong faith in Christ and it was a joy to talk to her. She is going to allow us to come back and share more with her about God's plan for us! 

On exchanges with E. Leo, we prayed and felt that we should head to a certain area. We walked for a little bit and then passed a house with a car that had a bumper sticker that said "Jesus said, "I'll be back." We laughed at the joke, but felt we should see who was home. Terri came out and turns out she has read the Book of Mormon and was willing to have us come by again! We had to leave right after to go to an appointment. It ended up being the only door we knocked during that 30-40 minutes we had. Definitely a miracle. 

We are getting super excited for a couple who is getting married this week! Charlie is a less-active member and Janet isn't a member of the Church, but they are both progressing so much in their faith and trust in God as we have been teaching them. Janet will be getting baptized by Charlie in only a couple weeks! It's super inspiring. 

We had another wonderful experience with a girl, Christina who is just starting to look into the restored Gospel. She was our last appointment after a crazy busy week. We met with her at the home of the family that owns Burger Bob's here in Baker City (super good burgers and malts) It was awesome even though we were sweating a ton. After sharing Joseph Smith's vision of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, it was very quiet. Christina started saying that it was intriguing and powerful and that she believed that it had happened. The Spirit was very strong in that lesson. 

So many experiences this past week. Too many to tell. I realize that I haven't been really forthcoming with too many details of my experiences in the past, but I'm trying to be better about that. Through these experiences I, Elder Adamek, " will show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance." - 1 Nephi 1:20

I know that the Lord loves us and helps us change. We could not change without Him.

Elder Adamek

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