Jun 23, 2015

New Money - E. Adamek Mission Jun. 22, 2015

How's it going everybody?

It's been a pretty great week over here in Baker City! The Lord continues to strengthen me through the good and difficult times! It's amazing, even more, to see how the Lord strengthens others!

So . . . a fun story first.

I was having a tough morning and pushing towards lunch at Subway, which we get once a week with the other two Elders who serve here in Baker City. We pull up and head inside with them. I wasn't in that great of mood and really praying and trying to improve my perspective. We are waiting in line and all of a sudden this guy appears at my right shoulder and asks a question to all of us that was clearly bent on antagonizing and challenging us. It caught me off guard, so the first thing I did was laugh. My companion talked with him and went along with him for a little bit, but we basically spent the next five minutes just deflecting his outrageous comments until Elder Yeo, who is a huge Korean missionary, bore his testimony on the Savior. There wasn't anything that needed to be said after that. A testimony of Jesus Christ is powerful. 

It's a testimony of Jesus Christ that enables people to get through struggles that they would not otherwise be able to get through and benefit from. Trials can be for our benefit and learning, especially those things which are outside of our control. 

I sat in the home of man and as we taught him and talked with him, I got the impression from the Spirit that I was sitting in the presence of a very rich person. Not monetarily, but spiritually. He joined the Church less than a year ago. He cannot talk because of a medical condition. He uses a tablet to write his thoughts and communicate to us. He is hilarious and thoughtful and original. He has a beautiful garden with just about every type of vegetable in it. We talked about the conversion experiences of Paul and Alma the Younger. His understanding and Gospel perspective is what prompted me to recognize the wealth of spirituality that this man had. His living conditions are humble, but the money he has is the currency of the Spirit. 

I hope you each have a wonderful week!

Elder Adamek

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