Jun 8, 2015

New Mosquitos - E. Adamek Mission Jun. 8, 2015

Good afternoon!

The temperatures are climbing, the humidity is up and the mosquitos are attacking . . . I'm starting to feel like I'm back in Minnesota!

Elder Sorensen and I had a good week here in Baker City. The Lord is expanding our vision of what is possible in missionary work here and the blessings are starting to really flow for the people here. It's always difficult, but the Lord has prepared many paths for His work to be done here. A lot of people are prepared and desiring to come closer to God.

We have been talking with a lot of people who come into our path and the Lord is trusting us with more people to talk to and guiding us to those who have been prepared to hear more. A lot of people who we have been able to return to meet with were those found after an unsuccessful attempt to contact another person. 

We had a great spiritual moment this past week when a zone conference took place. The focus of this conference had great personal application as it was on the sacrament and covenants. It was a powerful reminder that also inspired me to apply my understanding to helping others. To cap our learning and experience on the sacrament and to immediately apply our desire to progress and grow within the commitments that we have made with God, we were blessed with the opportunity to take the sacrament. Normally, we take the sacrament only on Sundays or as otherwise authorized by national/cultural tradition or circumstance. Taking the sacrament on a Thursday was very special and I felt it helped me focus a lot more on the "why" behind it. I left the conference feeling quite blessed and spiritually enriched.

Another interesting event that took place during the conference was the installation of these boxes into our cars that monitor driving behavior. These are installed in all missionary cars in the USA and Canada and they have helped dramatically improve the driving behavior of missionaries who, let's face it, often follow the ways of driving like every 18-20 year old. We left the conference thinking that this device, which speaks to you if you are driving too fast or aggressively, would be calling us out all the time. It's been pretty silent so far. We are trying to find a name for it. I suggested Julian or Robert, after famous data gatherers of our day, but its not determined yet. 

I hope you each have a wonderful week and can feel of God's love for you in some small way! I know He cares!

Elder Adamek

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