Aug 31, 2015

New Blessing - E. Adamek Mission Aug. 31, 2015

Hello again,

The fires move around, but we're doing well! 

This past Monday evening, we were trying to make some contacts with referrals that had been given to us. It all fell through and we didn't feel right about the plans that we had made for that evening. So, I drove down the road, frustrated that we couldn't figure out what to do. We had prayed and still didn't feel like we knew what was supposed to happen. Driving down the road, we drew close to the home of a man who attends church semi-regularly. He is a convert to the Church of a few years. We decided we would stop by and say "Hi!" He answered the door and told us quickly that tonight was not a good night. Based on his response, I knew that we were supposed to be there, so I stalled for time by referring to the road construction on his street. He brought it back around himself and said that he was having a bad time and let us in. He told us his dad, with whom he didn't have a great relationship with, had been diagnosed with cancer and didn't have long to live. We sat down with him and listened to him. Called up his home teacher, who promptly came over and helped give him a blessing. It was humbling to realize that the stupor of thought that had come over Elder Knighton and I that evening was for the purpose of guiding us to his home when he most needed someone there. I am grateful for the Holy Spirit. 

We made it over to Cindy's house this past week. She has come across some issues that she has with some of the commandments. It is frustrating to see the faith and hope that a person has get set aside when questions and concerns come up. But, I know that ultimately, these experiences can help her strengthen her faith in God. She is a wonderful person no matter what. 

Burger Bob's got frequented quite a bit this past week for milkshakes. Mint oreo and orange. Very good. Did I tell you that a drank down a medium cherry in 7:55? hahaha. Terrible, I know, considering that another missionary drank down a half-gallon banana shake in 9:55. The record is 3:40. Yeah. And that missionary was from Minnesota....we win!

Knocked a door this week. The man who answered said that he didn't usually answer the door to missionaries without a shotgun in his hand. Wow! Okay, have a good day sir! I hope that none of you have that happen to you!

Went out to Halfway for Church services this past week. We spoke in the sacrament meeting and then visited with a members of the branch council. As we were being driven out to one place, our branch mission leader announced that we had just driven into a Level 2 evacuation area. We saw a fire-fighting helicopter fly overhead. 

It's been a pretty tough week, but the missionaries out here are doing really well and continuing to do the work of the Lord. We are excited for several baptisms that will be happening over the next few weeks! There is a family in our area that will be making those covenants with God this next Saturday. It's really exciting and helps me to know that I'm really not doing the majority of the work, God is. He does it all!

Elder Adamek

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