Sep 7, 2015

New Covenant - E. Adamek Mission Sept. 7, 2015

Hello everyone!

We have been trying to find family's to teach and baptize by the end of September. It is an intimidating prospect and one that has tested every missionaries' faith. This past week, E. Knighton and I dealt with quite a bit of opposition. At times, I felt like my brain and thoughts were scattered and I couldn't things ordered to really make Spirit-guided decisions. How easily I forgot that the Lord works through really weak people to cause great things to happen.

Last Wednesday, I was irritated with E. Knighton and by that I mean that I was actually frustrated by circumstances outside of our control and E. Knighton wasn't doing anything except making punk-ish (he admitted it) comments to make the situation lighter and I was struggling to accept them and let them make me happier. Plus, our car is running on like 12% oil and our desire to get the oil changed did not occur that day. Plus we tracted in a small town named Elgin and we weren't able to find a family like we had planned. Of course, all these things was just a matter of where my attitude was at. Except the oil. That's a problem. 

Anyway, we get back to Baker City in the afternoon, right on time to head out to a place called Wingville to do some country-side tracting. I'm dead tired and I don't feel able to function spiritually. I took a 7 minute nap while my companion tried to ask me questions. I prayed to be able to work. I got up and left the apartment. As we started driving out to Wingville, I told E. Knighton to pull over so we could pray. We prayed and when I lifted my head, I felt that I could press on. I told myself that now was the time to place everything in the Lord's hands. 

We visited a few places without much answer or success. Saw a sweet looking log house. We stopped at a house that E. Knighton felt prompted to visit and we met a nice guy who said we could come back. That lifted our spirits quite a bit. Then I remembered a house we had passed on our way out to Wingville. I directed E. Knighton over there. We got out, opened up the gate and walked up to the house. A little girl answered and smiled out at us. We asked her if her parents could come to the door. She said she would go get her mom. As she left, I thought inwardly and then expressed to my companion, "Behind every sweet child is a parent who doesn't want to see us." When I said that, I knew I shouldn't have, that I should have had more faith, that I shouldn't have even thought that in the moment. The mom came to the door and the Spirit there caused a conversation to happen that afterward we marveled. We will be heading back to their place to start sharing the Gospel. Things were pretty silent in the car afterward as we both pondered on what just happened. I felt chastened and rebuked and I was grateful for it. 

I know that the Lord prepares people to accept greater light and truth into their lives for the benefit of their families. The Springer family was baptized this weekend! It was a wonderful couple days for their baptisms and confirmations. I was super nervous because Amanda was the first person I ever baptized and though I had to do it twice, the Spirit that confirmed the ordinance was very real. I am very grateful for those experiences the Lord has seen fit to bless me with while I've been on my mission and how the lives of those people around me have changed. I was also able to participate in the confirmations on Sunday. I am grateful for the Gospel. I know it is true. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Elder Adamek

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