Sep 22, 2015

New Faith - E. Adamek Mission Sept. 21, 2015


Pride is terrible. Not the Pride of, that is awesome, but I'm talking about pride. 

We had a Zone conference with about 80 missionaries. It was great to see many of the missionaries that I have known throughout my service. Elder Grow of the Seventy and his wife visited the mission and spoke to us about many different topics. Goal-setting and planning according to the vision that the Lord has for us, revelation, scripture study, etc. Throughout the conference I continued to have a feeling of my faith being tested and challenged. Prior to and immediately after the conference Elder Grow spoke with the leadership of the mission. I voiced the feelings that I had had during the conference and how the Spirit had helped me resolve those concerns. 

Faith is not to have a perfect knowledge. Faith is not manifested by blindly accepting everything someone says because they are in a position of authority over you. I have come to learn that faith is trusting that God knows what is best and showing that by acting on what you learn, asking questions about what you don't understand, and seeking for those answers while believing in Jesus Christ and His Gospel. Within this conference, I had many questions and concerns that were being raised. Admitting that may have appeared to some that I had no faith or that I was weak in my faith. 

Through this conference, the Spirit also taught me that I was called to serve in the Idaho Nampa Mission because of the weaknesses I have. Missionary service is not perfect. There are lots of struggles. Problems within the mission field and among missionaries is to be understood, not looked down upon with appalling tenor. I was certainly called to serve because of the strengths/talents I have, but if that was it, then it would be a boring two years because I would experience zero growth. I realized with greater certainty that I have not only been called to serve where I'm at because of my weaknesses, but that all of my life situations are the way they are because God wants me to turn those weaknesses into strengths, through Christ. I'm grateful for the many opportunities God gives me to do that.

Anyway, back to pride. I certainly felt my pride pricked this past week, but turning that back to God and asking for strength to do His will helped me turn that pride into humility. Not perfectly, but at least a start. 

I hope you have a great week and can recognize the strengths you have within your weaknesses! God can and will make great things happen in your lives!

Elder Adamek

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