Sep 15, 2015

New Music - E. Adamek Mission Sept. 14, 2015


Real quick:

Zone conference is tomorrow. Elder C. Scott Grow of the Seventy is visiting with his wife and we will be learning about revelation from God. I will also be playing organ for the conference...stress!

The power of music is real. We visited an older member couple in the far reaches of our area near an outpost called Wingville. Our last couple experiences with this couple wasn't exactly pleasant, but they had invited us to dinner again. We had a nice dinner, but I was still on edge. I saw a piano there in their house and asked them if I could play a brief piece. As I played and after, I felt the Spirit enter into my heart in a much needed way. I had not been feeling well for most of the week, spiritually and physically, and I was quite discouraged/frustrated/irritated/negative. The piano piece, The Lord is My Shepherd, cut through the gunk powerfully! I was filled with love for this family, for missionary work, for others, and for myself, again. I'm grateful for the Spirit.

Visited the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center! As we walked through the exhibit a man behind us said, "I thought this was the Oregon Trail, not the Mormon Trail!" Good one sir!

I hope you all have a wonderful week! The Lord is your Shepherd.

Elder Adamek

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