Oct 19, 2015

New House - E. Adamek Mission Oct. 19, 2015

Good afternoon everyone,

It was a great week. The Lord is extending my vision of what is possible and what I can have faith in and even though I don't often meet that higher expectation, I know that the Lord is helping me to, eventually, make it there. I'm having experiences that, upon further reflection, are enabling me to more and more fully understand that I cannot live with God again without Jesus Christ. A simple principle, but the crucible of experience deepens the gratitude and applicability of that truth.

I feel anxiously engaged in a great cause. More and more. It's wearing me out. I'm sick right now probably because of this. But, it's still good. We moved into a new place also this past week.

We started meeting more with Travis, who is married to a member of the Church, but isn't one. He really likes to think things through. Reminds me a lot of myself. One of their neighbors, Hope and Michael, are also looking into the Gospel. They have three little kids and want to be together forever and have that assurance. The Gospel will provide them that. We also met a lady who had watched General Conference as a single mother and felt the messages speak directly to her. She requested a Book of Mormon online and with her two teenage daughters, wants to really find security and balance in a changing world. As we talked with her this past week, I felt the Spirit really testify to me that the Gospel is everything that everyone needs. 

Met a girl named Amanda Running-Wolf who lives in Carson City NV, but was helping her mom move in to Kuna. She was playing basketball and was very friendly and open to talking about her spiritual understanding and considering the opportunity to learn more. Not often that we talk with a person with a last name like that. We had seen her on that specific court for at least an hour as we had worked in the neighborhood, but after saying a prayer for help, received a second confirmation that we needed to talk to her.

Also knocked on the door of a family that had just recently moved in and part of the family are members of the Church. We were able to start teaching a sister in the family. Seems like the Spirit has been moving within Kuna quite a bit. Reminds me of a scripture I recently ponderized, Alma 8:10

Gave a 20 minute talk on probably an hour of preparation. I was a little scared about five minutes before. Actually, quite a lot scared. I know that the Spirit sees us through as we trust in the Lord and keep praying! Giving a talk is not even bad compared to what many of us have to go through on a daily basis. Prayer to our loving Father in Heaven will see us through!

I hope that you all have a wonderful week!

Elder Adamek

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