Oct 5, 2015

New Strength - E. Adamek Mission Oct. 5, 2015

Hello everyone!

It was a wonderful week full of learning and moving past frustrations through the strength of the Lord!

Being in a new area always takes some time to adjust to. It's easy to overthink missionary work when there are so many variables, things to keep straight, questions to ask, answers to find, places to go, people to talk to, tasks to complete, and on and on and on. I've had a tendency to lose my way amidst all of these responsibilities, but the Lord has made me stronger and more able to deal with these things the longer I've been out. I'm still becoming the missionary the Lord needs me to be, but experiences this past week helped me to know that I have learned and grown a lot. 

General Conference was a particular place of spiritual encouragement. I received several answers to questions I knew I had and some key insights to questions and desires that I didn't know I had though the basic elements of them I had recognized in myself previously. It was during General Conference that three new Apostles were called. I know that God operates by patterns to help us understand His will and that His calling of prophets and apostles is among those patterns. They spoke on how the Lord uses the weak and simple things of the earth to spread the Gospel. I felt that that statement applied directly to me.

Following the conference, Elder Daniels and I tried to go out and spread the Gospel. We weren't having too much success and feeling like we were missing something. We kept walking and talking to whoever was nearby. We were just about to leave a subdivision when I got this feeling that we needed to stop and pray. After talking to a couple more people on our way back into the subdivision, we stopped there on the sidewalk and prayed. We then continued walking. I saw a man leave his house with his son. I waved and said "Hi!" He also greeted us. I turned and walked across the street toward him and started talking to him. He asked us if we needed water and then let us into his house so that we could use his bathroom. When we came back out, he invited us for dinner that night. I also found out he knew a family I had gotten to know 7 months back in Kuna. We went in and when his wife and daughter came back we ate some ribs and testified of the blessings that come from the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Spirit was there and their hearts were touched. He's been to the Church before and his wife said that she was also thinking about going. Their daughter, Haley, wants to be baptized. When we gave them the Book of Mormon, the husband told me that I needed to be more confident in my approach and started telling how to sell my point. I responded by telling him that we weren't trying to sell him and his family on anything, but just invite him to find out for himself and experience the blessings of the Gospel through their own efforts. It was an interesting part of the conversation for sure! I know that this family has been prepared to receive the Gospel! I am grateful that I am a small part of that process.

I know God blesses us as we are obedient to His commandments, which are plain to be understood. Part of that obedience is to live close to the Spirit and follow the promptings we receive from it. I have also learned recently for myself that being positive is also obeying God. :)

I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ! It has brought so many blessings into my life. I love Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father. I love the Holy Spirit and how He gives me refreshment of soul hour by hour as I seek for it. I know that learning about the Gospel, receiving it, and acting upon it by making promises to God through baptism is the way. 

Mormon missionaries are only trying to help. If you see them this week, I invite you to step outside your comfort zone, approach them, and get to know them. They will bless your life and your family as well. They have been called of God. They are angels, sent to minister glad tiding of great joy. 

I hope you each have a wonderful week! :) I love you!

Elder Adamek

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