Nov 2, 2015

New Interest - E. Adamek Mission Nov. 2, 2015


We had tried this house before. It was slightly chaotic and there didn't seem to be anyone in it that was moderately interested in receiving a message from us and accept the help that we offer. We had written the name down on our plan for the day and so we knocked on the door. Martin answered, the man who we felt didn't really have a genuine interest in learning about the Gospel. We found out that some of the people who lived in the house had moved out. As we talked and asked him a few questions about his spirituality and interest in the Gospel he told us that he finally felt that he could take things in. We went inside and the Spirit directed a powerful lesson. The light turned on in his eyes. His comments and concerns he is realizing are being answered. The change in his life may have occurred slowly in the past, but the Lord is helping him to continue that change apace.

E. Daniels and I had a spiritually rewarding and strenuous week. I believe all the Halloween decor around town contributed to the spiritual antagonism I experienced. haha. I told with E. Daniels that in order to ward off all the destroying skeletons, we should spread lamb's blood on the lintel and side posts of our door. It was a joke. 

I am grateful for the priesthood. The organizing power of the priesthood is from God. The spirit attending the preparation to access that power is also from God. As past of this difficult past week, I sought a blessing from E. Summers, who is a great missionary. He didn't get the power to give me a blessing from his education, but from God and His servants and from living righteously.

The Lord places us in places we need to be for much greater purposes than what we are currently aiming for. We were biking through a grocery store parking lot on our way back home for lunch and all of a sudden, Bro. Piper, the father of the family that was baptized the last time I was in Kuna, drove past. I saw him and he saw me and so I swung back around and we had a joyful reunion. There are trials in his family's life currently and I know that at that time, he needed a firm reminder from the Lord that God was there. 

I hope you have a wonderful week! The Lord is there for you as you seek Him.

Elder Adamek

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