Nov 9, 2015

New Winds - E. Adamek Mission Nov. 9, 2015

Hello and guess what?

I'm in Kuna!

That's right brothers and sisters, Elder Anton Steven Adamek is staying another transfer in Kuna! This will mean I will have spent roughly a total of 10 months here in a city of about 16,000 people. I'm getting to know almost everyone and if there is someone I don't know, I probably know someone who does know that person. 

I jest, however, it is humbling to feel the increase of love and desire I have to serve the people here in this town. The weight of my calling has descended more fully upon me within the past month than I could say has ever come upon me during my mission thus far. I am grateful for that and I know the Lord is lifting me to that expectation through inspiring positive changes in my nature. I feel closer to the experience had by Enos as he prayed. After he received a remission of his sins, he felt an increase of desire for the welfare of his brethren. The scripture continues on to say that Enos still struggled in the spirit in his prayer. I realize that this will be my experience. Hard times and tests will come, but I will strive to rely upon the arm of God. "[I] am weak, but thou art able" - Guide Us O Thou Great Jehovah, Hymn 83

There has been an increase of wind this past week. As I prepared for the day this morning, I realized that the Lord was teaching me through it. The wind that blows against my companion and I each day as we bike around is oppressive at times and really inhibits swift movement. When we are in the protected areas of a subdivision or if a large building is in direct line of the direction of the wind, we experience a reprieve from it, but when we are in the open areas, we really get the full force of it. 

Nature testifies of the patterns and eternal principles of God. In fact, all things given of God typify of Christ.

There has been an increase of spiritual wind this past week. After teaching about the essential nature of baptism by water and of the spirit, Christ said, "The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit." - John 3:8 This is talking about a good spiritual wind. I think about the day of Pentecost as well. But then there are other spiritual winds, sent by a more unruly source. These accompany and stimulate the outcries of those who oppose God. These are obvious and can be seen on the news every night. However, these winds also, more subtly, create confusion, distrust, and more inward chaos. 

Physical winds come from the changing of the seasons or weather. These spiritual winds also denote a changing in the world we live in and are a sign of the preparing for the coming of the Messiah.

Good winds and bad winds. The wind of the Spirit had entered into me and my companion's hearts last year in Kuna when we were inspired to go visit a family that we didn't know much about. This led to us meeting a lady named Barb. She was very nice and had been spiritually prepared to receive the Gospel. She was baptized this past weekend and the wind made my tie and suit coat fly around as I walked toward the Church building where the ordinance was performed. I had the blessing of being able to also participate in her confirmation into the ward that I spent 7 months laboring in. Tears didn't come. I was too happy.

The wind of the Spirit touched the heart of a man who has a genealogy book containing the conversion account of an ancestor in Lancashire, England and now he desires to learn more about what motivated his ancestors to be driven by the wind across the ocean and plains.

The wind brought us the smells of the dairy farm we bike past on a daily basis. #homesweethome

I love you all! I know that the Lord will bring you blessings from on high to support and sustain and improve you and your families!

Elder Adamek

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