Dec 28, 2015

New Year - Elder Adamek Mission Dec. 28, 2015

A happy New Year to all!

I hope you each had a wonderful Christmas! We had a great time and some Christmas miracles.

There was a Christmas conference this past week for the missionaries. We watched a movie titled Miracle Maker. In it there is this town called Woodhaven and basically lots of small, but meaningful miracles start happening in the town culminating in a wonderful Christmas Eve with snow falling. Ultimately cheesy. Anyway, we realized that in our area there is a street named Havenwood and we felt on Christmas Eve (yes, there was snow) that we should start knocking on doors. We wished many people a merry Christmas, but eventually we found the guy who we were supposed to that night and bring the Spirit to. His name is Junior and his whole family was sick. We asked him what he wanted most for his family in 2016 and he told us it was safety and comfort. Again, the power of the Holy Spirit testified to him that we were there to bring that to him and his family, through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He was very eager to read the Book of Mormon and learn more. 

We met a few other people this past week that were absolutely prepared to receive the Lord. I saw a brief message in someone's house that said, "Are you part of the Inn crowd, or among the Stable few?" I thought that was quite clever, but also true.

I know that God loves us and will lead us toward greater purpose and fulfillment in our lives. We can trust in Him. He is our Father who loves us. 

Elder Adamek

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