Jan 18, 2016

New Ward - Elder Adamek Mission Jan. 18, 2016

Hi everyone!

In all honesty, the Lord has been too good to me. He truly does bless me more than I deserve. I am grateful for His mercy. I am grateful for the organized spiritual backup He provides. There is a calm assurance and important cleansing that comes through His Spirit. He restarts my desire and helps me to see that I'm actually not restarting, but continuing my progress.

There is truth in seeing with spiritual eyes and listening with spiritual ears. The tangible and audible only go so far in communicating truth to our understanding. The Spirit carries it much farther. I had an important experience with that this past week.

We found out that several wards in our stake were having their boundaries realigned. This meant that the people within these congregations would be changing. There are a multitude of temporal and logical reasons why these changes would need to occur and there were certainly those involved, but the grand discoveries of the week were the spiritual and truth-inspired reasons for these changes. 

In a meeting with stake leaders, ward mission leaders and some missionaries, the topic of charity/pure love of Christ was taught and discussed. A sister missionary within our district gave that training and the discussion following it allowed the Spirit to fill the room with the promise of revelation. The thought was shared that it would be charity which would allow members of the Church to move on with the ward boundary changes. Then the stake president spoke.

Certain presiding leaders of the church are given keys of authority. These aren't physical keys. We believe that all keys of power and authority come from the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe He has given some of these to prophets in the past and again in our day. Stake Presidents are delegated certain of these keys for local church organization.

President Asay is our stake president and is a good guy. When he spoke in this meeting, I heard the words he spoke, but I also felt a distinct spiritual impression that he was called of God.

The wards changed and as a result, we said goodbye to several great people that we were working with, but with the faith that the Lord has something better in store for them.

These are interesting things to think about and may even seem strange. An analogy (not a good one, but it might explain things decently)....my parents have full authority in our family, no matter what anyone else or myself could say! :) They hold the keys to the house and the car, etc. At some point, I was entrusted with some of those keys to operate the car or enter/leave the house when it was necessary. They are the source of that permission, but when given that permission I am now able to do things that I previously wasn't able to. Other people in my family or neighborhood would readily recognize that I have that permission and not make a big deal about my having permission to drive. (unless I really screw up!) Probably didn't explain that real well.

I hope you have a wonderful week everyone and that you can recognize goodness all around you!

Elder Adamek

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