Feb 8, 2016

New Teacher - Elder Adamek Mission Feb. 8 2016

Hi everyone!

God did everything this week. I really saw that.

I'm really grateful that He is helping and changing me and I've noticed that very powerfully this week through serving His children. 

Elder Bradley, what an amazing missionary! He taught me this past week many things about teaching simply. He is also a great example of perseverance. 

We were sitting in the Family History Center watching a broadcast about missionary work that he missed and a lady sat a couple chairs down from us. I got an impression that we needed to talk to her. But then another lady sat next to her to help her with her family history research. I resolved that if after the broadcast the lady wasn't helping her, I would act and talk to her. Well, what do you know, the broadcast ended and less than a minute later, the lady stopped helping her. So, I started overthinking how to talk to her and I almost didn't. I just asked her about her research. Easy enough, but then we found out that she lives in one of our wards. The Spirit guided the rest of the conversation and helped us understand what she needed. 

This same pattern happened a lot this week with a lot of members of the Church in our area. We would feel prompted to stop by. We would talk for a little bit and ask them why they thought we were there (all while not sure ourselves of why we were there) and then the Holy Spirit would guide the rest of the conversation. Quite a few tears were shed, hearts were comforted, connections were made, minds were inspired, and a greater resolve to act on the many missionary opportunities surrounding them was received. We just showed up and tried. God did His work.

We drove down this one road and passed a truck in which I could see a young guy smoking and on his tablet. We decided to talk to him. We parked and walked back. This happened often on my mission, knocking on someone's car door, but his window was down! His name was Thomas and he needed us. our conversation wasn't rushed or pushy or full of misunderstanding. His soul was searching and everything God put into our mouths and minds to say was exactly what he needed. God knows His children. Thomas went away from that experience with a feeling of God's Spirit. He is a member of the Church, but has fallen away and struggled. His heart was as open as I've felt on my mission. It was amazing!

As we have walked and talked this past week, and as I have prayed and fasted, I have come to understand better that Jesus Christ does save us. He saves us from tragedy, sickness, depression, and from ourselves. Right now, He is alive! He enables me to be happy and joyful! I love Him!

Elder Adamek

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