Feb 23, 2016

New Understanding - Elder Adamek Mission Feb. 22, 2016

Hi everyone,

This past week was a blur of miracles, feeling God's love for others and helping them feel His love. This is what a mission is all about. 

I'm grateful that I get to serve a mission for the Lord Jesus Christ! I have realized even in the sunset of this experience that I have not learned all that I could have learned, not become all that I could have become, and not helped as many people as I could have helped. 

This is life. 

I'm grateful that I have been blessed with the opportunities to learn, become and help to the extent that I have. I know that God has magnified my efforts. There are too many stories and experiences that prove that beyond a doubt. 

I thought this past week about the saying, I think it is a Mormon saying, but it goes something like, "I'm not perfect in anything except being perfect in trying." 

I'm not perfect in anything. I'm not even perfect in trying. But I'm trying to change that. Change doesn't happen all at once. 

I know that Jesus Christ is perfect. His perfection can and will rest upon us as we accept, believe, and try to follow Him. I love Him.

Have a wonderful week!

Elder Adamek

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