Apr 21, 2014

Elder Adamek Weekly Update - Apr. 21, 2014

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

This one will be brief.

The week has gone by swiftly. Throughout it, I have realized that God is in the details of our life. Though we may not believe or notice it, He is there. When we are being good, positive, cheery, and loving toward others, He guides us down paths that will bring blessings seen and unseen.

Some connections this week which were great. This past Friday, myself and a group of missionaries grabbed some lunch and went to a nearby park to eat and relax before heading back to work. As we were finishing up a car pulled up and out stepped Robert and Sharon Hileman! Most of you don't know them, but they used to live in Minnesota and we went to the same ward (comparable to a parish) I even got rides with them to church many times. They were driving by and saw the group of missionaries and remembered that I was serving in the area, so they stopped. What a surprise! It was great to see them!

This past Saturday, Elder Mosher and I ate dinner over at a Church member's house and the wife was an alumnus of the Nebraska Cornhusker marching band! Since I had played in the University of Minnesota's marching band for two seasons, it was fun to swap experiences and memories.

Several other people we have visited have either asked about the fishing in Minnesota or the weather. That or they don't know anything about Minnesota. 

This Easter Sunday, the ward I serve in had a service much like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's Music and the Spoken Word. The story of Jesus Christ's suffering, death, and resurrection were shared through word and music. At the end there was a piece about His coming again. I felt an increased awareness of this reality coupled with a desire to try and be the best person I can be. I know that Christ will come again and that the signs are all around us that He is coming soon. 

I realize the Second Coming is perceived as sort of a doomsday portent with much worry, disbelief, and incredulity surrounding it. What I felt this Sunday was a feeling of hope, not for destruction and death, but for the eternal life that Christ has made possible for all of us.

My challenge to you this week is to exercise hope in your life. Hope with an expectation that what you are hoping for will happen. I will be trying to do the same.

With charity,

Elder Adamek

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