Aug 19, 2014

Elder Adamek Weekly Update - Aug. 18, 2014

It's been a long week in Caldwell, Idaho, out on the edge of the Owhyee Mountains . . .

Anyone see the Super Moon? I always thought it was called the Harvest Moon, but the only thing being harvested right now is the mint across the road from the church building. It smells good and I did get to enjoy 17% more of the moon for same price of looking into the night sky.

We got rain! It cooled off for a few days and by that I mean it got into the low 80s, which now feels downright refreshing. I guess I have acclimatized somewhat well to the upper 90s (but it's a dry heat, they all tell me)

One highlight of the week was when my companion and I gave a Russian copy of the Book of Mormon to a gentleman who speaks both Russian and English. Initially, he thought we were Jehovah's Witnesses. Once we clarified that we asked him if he had heard about or read the Book of Mormon before. He told us that he knew Mormons, but that he hadn't read the book. We had planned on speaking with his sister and giving her the Russian copy since we had met and talked with her before. We asked him how the cover translated into English. After reading it, he gave it back to us. I had a feeling that he thought he would have to pay for the book, so I told him he could take it for free. He was surprised and took it saying he would read it and see if it added to his understanding. We explained what the Book of Mormon is and gave him an English copy to read and compare alongside his native language. It was remarkable to witness how simply introducing the Book of Mormon caused someone to go from disinterest to sincere interest. 

I believe and have faith that the Book of Mormon contains the word of God just like the Bible does. It bears witness of the Savior, Jesus Christ. Many people know the Bible to be the word of God and they can also come to know the Book of Mormon is true in the same way: ask God if it is true. 

I am doing well and autumn is coming!


Elder Adamek

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