Aug 25, 2014

Elder Adamek Weekly Update - Aug. 25, 2014


It was a good week in the neighborhood. A nice Church member took my companion and I to a nearby disc golf course where I threw out my arm and walked a lot more than I was expecting on a preparation day. It was a lot of fun and a group of missionaries are planning on heading out there today to play!

We headed up to door this past week and I noticed some clay bowls sitting nearby. There was a red wing image on it and as I squinted at the writing on the bottom I saw that it said RED WING, MINN! This made my day. Even the small reminders of Minnesota are uplifting! Unfortunately, the people who lived there were not from Minnesota. I have been trying to convince my companion that Goldy the Gopher is indeed the cutest and most awesome mascot the world has ever seen. The fact that gophers are hated rodents doesn't help his case. 

I made a connection this past week with a missionary in Hungary whom I met in the Missionary Training Center five months ago. His grandparents live in the area that I serve! This experience proved to me that our Heavenly Father has all the details, even the small ones, worked out. The world is small and there are no such things as coincidences.

I saw a video this past week ( that, along with an article in the Ensign (a Church produced magazine) helped me learn more about faith. I believe and have faith that God does bless us according to His will and timeline. He blesses us when we feel lost, when we feel like He has given up on us. He blesses us even when we don't believe in Him. Acts of faith are important. We may not see the significance of our actions today or the blessings, but they will come. I also gained an understanding that the purpose of faith isn't really to change the the circumstances surrounding us, but to change our hearts so we can deal with any circumstance with an the proper perspective.

Please have a great week!


Elder Adamek

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