Sep 30, 2014

Elder Adamek Weekly Update - Sept. 29, 2014


Kuna is awesome!

It's cooling down here and we have been receiving rain the past few days, which has been super refreshing! Elder Deal and I went walking one evening to go and visit a few people and it was pouring. Gratefully, we had our rain coats on, but with our hoods pulled up, we did not look like people who you would want to talk with for any length of time. Good thing we are good people.

This week, we have been anticipating the coming of General Conference. ( It's a great weekend where leaders from the Church give talks that inspire and direct Church members and anyone else who chooses to listen in. 

I apologize profusely for the incredibly short email this week. Much has been going on out here. I hope you each have a wonderful week!


Elder Adamek

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