Feb 16, 2015

New Knee? - E. Adamek Mission Feb. 16, 2015

Hi everyone,

It was a week. One of those where you just work hard, grind it out, and are grateful for the little things when nothing else seems to be going well.

McDonald's is evil. It KO's stamina.

The family that we are teaching is doing exceedingly well! They are excited for their baptisms coming up in March! It is always amazing to witness the light and improvement they are accepting into their lives as they learn about and apply the principles of the Gospel in their lives. 

My knee is doing pretty well. Well enough that we got out on the bikes this past week. It warmed up into the 60s, so it felt really good. I didn't even realize it, but I have missed riding my bike and it brought some much needed stability in my life right now. 

During church this past Sunday, I was zoning out during a talk in Sacrament meeting. All of a sudden, I suddenly felt a need to be more aware of what was going on and what was being talked about. From that moment on, I focused on the speakers and the Spirit poured out answers to questions that had been lingering in my head for the past couple days and weeks. I know that as we increase our awareness and put away those things that reduce our focus on the things that matter most, we open ourselves up to instruction from the Spirit and clearer thinking. God guides us and we are able to recognize that guidance more evidently.

I hope you each have a wonderful week!


Elder Adamek

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