May 12, 2015

New Environment - E. Adamek Mission May 11, 2015

Good day from McCall!

It's so great to be among the trees and mountains that apparently do exist in Idaho, though up to this point in my mission, I had not laid eyes upon them! I'm with several other missionaries taking this preparation day and doing some traveling within our district, which happens to be very big. There are some sister missionaries that serve up here that we don't get to see very often, so we are helping them feel connected to the rest of the world and mission.

I hope you all had a good Mother's Day and were able to celebrate the relationships and connections you have with your mother, grandmother, and other motherly figures in your lives. 

This past week, I engaged in several projects benefiting my fellowman. I didn't do the actual welding, but we helped construct a bed for a golf cart that a man in our area is working on. I cut some of the pieces and got slapped in the face by hundreds of angry sparks. My face shield made me look like a member of Daft Punk.

Then, on an exchange I had with another missionary this past week, I helped install a sprinkler system for a football field. Another lady we visit is having recurrent problems with smoking, so we helped clean her vehicle and kitchen to lighten her load. 

I had a medium mug of root beer 6 out of 7 days this past week. I promise this next week will not be that bad.

I hope you all have a good week!

Elder Adamek

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