Jul 21, 2015

New Lessons - E. Adamek Mission July 20, 2015

Hey y'all,

The festivities just won't end here in Baker City. Every single week there seems to be another celebration or festival. We have been quite busy in focusing on families and individuals that want to meet with us and so we haven't mingled with the crowds, but I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunity to do so before the summer ends. It's one of those towns that is driven by tourism.

Of course, with more parties, this means....well, more parties. Things sort of came to a head just a couple days ago when the guy who lives in the apartment beneath us (in the same house) blasted music nearly the entire day. Waking up at 3:30 in the morning with Hootie and the Blowfish...not so great. Yes, Hootie and the Blowfish.

Besides this . . . the week has been AWESOME!

We are seeing our faith and commitment to the Savior being tested in new and interesting ways every day. 

We got invited to a country wedding! It's only like 40 miles away...meaning we won't be going due to mileage limitations. A nice man who came up to us in the store and warned us not to drink Vitaminwater got down to talking to us and when we asked him if we could stop by his place, he invited us over to the ceremony. Gave us a map and directions and everything. 

E. Knighton and I wanted to find someone that needed help between the hours of 6 and 7pm this past Tuesday. We prayed, exercising our faith that God would inspire us to go to a place in this town of 10,000+ where someone would need us. We both felt prompted to head to a small section of town. We pulled off the road and started walking. The first man we met told us that he didn't like 3 things: Politicians, Doctors, and Preachers. Then he told us there was no God and that we were lying when we said that we communicate with God through prayer. Alma 30 flashed into my mind. Besides that, he was a nice guy. A few more steps and a couple doors later and we found the lady who God knew needed help. Stella just recently lost her husband. Her family comes and visits her, but at the time we saw her, all her family had left and she was all alone in her house. She had turned the television up loud and was reading her Bible, which she said was the only thing that really gave her comfort besides her family. I felt the Spirit testify to my heart that God knew her and had directed us to her. The change in her countenance from the time we showed up until when we left was noticeable. I am grateful to have been a simple instrument in God's omnipotent hands to have helped Stella. I know that when we ask to be guided by God, we will be. 

Another man, Marcus, has fallen on really hard times in his life. During an exchange with another Elder, I found myself getting increasingly impatient as we talked with him. Though I felt the Spirit testify again to me that God was helping this man and that he would be able to overcome his problems, I was allowing the factor of time management to distract me from truly serving this man, who really doesn't have anyone to talk to at this point, besides us. My experience between Marcus and Stella was different and a good lesson in loving others in spite of anything else.

The cowboy of the century, Dub, is another man we teach. After one of our lessons, we had stepped outside and all of a sudden he said, "You know, I guess it does make sense that there would be only one Church." This is a man who has repeatedly told us that, despite his age of 84 years, feels that he is missing something in his life and that his whole life has been leading up to...something. We know, only by the power of the Spirit, what that something is and we can see that Dub is an extraordinary man with great potential in the Gospel and Church. We can't force him to see that as well, so all we do is teach, invite, and pray that the Spirit will help him learn what he ultimately has said he wants to learn more about. It's the same with everyone in this world. 

Don't hoard. It's no good.

And with that, my time is up. I hope you each have a wonderful week! God is there and He is listening and waiting for each of us to ask, seek, and knock!

Elder Adamek

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