Jan 4, 2016

New Energy - Elder Adamek Mission Jan. 4, 2016

Happy New Year everyone!

There is too much to tell. The Lord is extremely merciful and I felt a great power beyond my own this past week. In every lesson, every meeting, every effort that Elder Ainsworth and I made, we felt and witnessed the power of God. 

We had just left a visit and drove down the road when I noticed a few people getting out of a car in the garage of one of the neighbors. The impression that came to me was unmistakable, but we kept on driving. Finally, I told Elder Ainsworth to turn around and go back. At that house we met Dave and his daughter Miranda and her husband Keith. Each is a member of the church except Keith and they had recently moved from Alaska. The Spirit gradually filled us and them as we talked and eventually shared a message with them. Dave is tired and has not been active in the Gospel and Church for a decade. We asked him if he would read the Book of Mormon and he said he probably wouldn't. We talked a little more and moved to give a Book of Mormon to Keith and a specific chapter. When we announced what chapter he should read, a look passed across Dave's face. He knew what was in that chapter and he knew that he needed to read it. Dave ended up taking the book. The Spirit has power to bring back to our remembrance things that we have heard that we know are true. 

Also, I came to know more perfectly that the Idaho Nampa Mission was the mission I was supposed to serve in at this time in my life. I met a family that knows where Greenleafton is, has relatives there, and have been in the Greenleafton Reformed Church. I know that doesn't mean much to some of you and perhaps a great deal to certain few of you!

I know guides His servants, which in a grander perception is all of us, to those specific places at specific times to tell specific people that He loves them. There is a far greater work and a wonder occurring around us than any of us can fully grasp. I am grateful that God blessed me to be able to perceive this truth on a deeper, more spiritual, and yet incredibly real and tangible way than I have ever experienced thus far in my life. It only gets better from here on out. 

This meeting occurred after a few disappointing and confusing turn of events this past Saturday morning. The day wasn't going great, but it turned into one of the best and impactful days on my mission. 

I am grateful to be serving here in this mission. I love being a missionary. There will be challenges ahead, but not too great that God's grace hasn't already paved a way through them. 

I love you! I hope you will also experience things this week to confirm your purpose and place in life!

Elder Adamek

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