Sep 17, 2014

Elder Adamek Weekly Update - Sept. 16, 2014


After spending six great months in Caldwell, I received word last Saturday morning that I would be transferred to another area in Kuna. I spent the weekend visiting members of the Church and others who are looking into the Church. It was bittersweet as I have grown to love these people here, but am also looking forward to moving on to another area with people who I will come to love and help as well. 

The reason I am sending this email out a day later than I normally do so is because things have been in a state of semi-chaos in the transfer process. I left Monday morning and before I realized what had just happened I was jumping into a van taking me away from Elder Hatefi and the only place I had ever really known on this mission. 

I managed to lose a few things and then regain them throughout the day and also reconnect with Elder Mosher, who was my trainer. As it turns out, he will be training new missionary again! I will be training a new missionary as well, which is a source of anxiety, but also excitement. It's a pattern in missions that new missionaries come out receive a trainer who has been in the mission already for a time. They help the new missionaries adjust to the schedule and expectations of the mission and also help them improve spiritually. I am looking forward to this responsibility and have been praying a lot in preparation for it.

I found one of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon recently: 3 Nephi 19. We all need to smile more!

I hope you all have a great week!


Elder Adamek

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