Oct 15, 2014

Elder Adamek Weekly Update - Oct. 13, 2014

Hey y'all!

Somebody told me that my accent has changed since I've gotten out here. I can't say that y'all has entered into my vernacular yet. I never had a very strong Minnesotan accent though, which surprises some people whose only experience with that accent is from the movie Fargo

A nice week. I went on exchanges with an Elder who speaks Spanish. Gratefully, he spoke English too. Plus, he came to the area I work in with Elder Deal, so even if he didn't know English, he would have had to learn! Elder Deal was the one to go to the Spanish-speaking area and he came back telling me that he didn't really know what happened in the lessons with his companion, who later translated the experiences to him. Good times in a bilingual mission.

We talked with a guy who is a Wyoming football fan. That was unique in and of itself. I heard after one of our lessons with an investigator of the Church that Minnesota is 4-1? Sounds like they are killing it and building things brick by brick, to borrow a phrase of yore. Boise State had a bye so we were actually able to find and talk to people on Saturday. 

A windstorm blew in last Saturday and just as it came in, we knocked on a door of a lady who had accepted a pamphlet about The Family: A Proclamation to the World and she let us in since her family was there. She asked us if we had any more pamphlets, so we ended up giving her a copy of The Book of Mormon and sharing a message with her and her family. With the wind raging outside, there was peace and calm inside as my companion and I as well as a young man preparing to go on his mission talked with her about how focusing on the things of God would yield the things of the world to be taken care of (see Matt 6:33) We left and the wind had subsided a bit. I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings peace to the soul.

Our week was pretty crazy and not normal at all since Elder Deal and I had a new missionary meeting, zone meeting, interviews and early morning Sunday meetings. I found out that I'm a terrible companion to Elder Deal. In the new missionary meeting, we had arrived late with a couple other Elders, but thankfully they were just introducing themselves when we got there. I stood up to introduce my companion and for some reason that I've tried to explain away I said to everyone "Hello, this is my companion Elder Lines" Now, Elder Lines is also a new missionary and I had looked over at him before we stood up to introduce ourselves. So, everyone laughed as I tried to backtrack and apologize. What people didn't notice (except one) was that I was getting flustered and worried that I had actually forgotten my companion's name. As a result of this mental struggle, I actually forgot Elder Deal's name for a brief time and took a bit longer to say it. Wow. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I hope you are enjoying the fall colors! I sure am!


Elder Adamek

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