Sep 29, 2015

New Kuna - E. Adamek Mission Sept. 28, 2015

Hi everyone!

I got a transfer call. I'm back in Kuna!

I had joked around with all the missionaries around me that I was going to go back to Kuna, a place where I had served 7 months already! What a wonderful day when I found out that I was going back! It was just over a year ago that I first came to this great place and though I'm serving in the other stake in Kuna, the town is small and I'll be running into people that I know quite a bit, I'm sure. At least, that's what I've been praying for. I am looking forward to all the new people that I will be able to get to know and help in the new area I'll be serving in within Kuna!

I am serving with E. Daniels! I actually was in the MTC with him and it was a good reunion today. I'm looking forward to serving with him! 

There were several experiences I had this past week that proved to me that though I am weak, the Lord makes me strong. It was a tough week, but we finished off strong and were able to contact a couple families and meet new people who are interested in learning more about the Gospel!

This weekend is going to be a source of great spiritual strength for myself and people all around the world. General Conference happens two times a year and we have opportunity to hear from living prophets and Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ! It happens this Saturday and Sunday and you can watch it online at It will be a unique conference this time because three new Apostles will be called to serve! This is because three Apostles have died within the past 6 months. This is the first time that this has happened in over 100 years, I believe. Elder Packer, Elder Perry, and Elder Scott were men who loved and served God and focused greatly on strengthening and supporting the family. I'm excited to learn from the leaders of the Church this weekend!

The time has been a blur and I'm sure the next part of my mission will go by really quickly, but I'm going to try to make the best of it. Please keep your prayers going for me! I love you all and pray that you will have a wonderful week!

Elder Adamek

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