Oct 12, 2015

New Miracles - E. Adamek Mission Oct. 12, 2015

Hi everyone!

It was a week of miracles around here in Kuna. Though patience is required, we still fall short, and the blessings aren't always exactly what we expect, goodness still occurs.

There was an awesome missionary who served in Minnesota, Elder Foggins, who told me in a letter to "never let experience trump your faith." This has helped me tremendously in putting first in my life the understanding that trusting in God will always work out better than resorting to my own power.

Due to a missionary returning home from another part of the mission, I was sad to see E. Spindler and E. Price get emergency transferred out of their area this past week. This makes the district sorrowfully smaller. No missionaries were transferred in and what with our lofty goals and plans for this month, a greater stress was placed on all of us remaining missionaries to reach the high expectations and vision Heavenly Father has for us. However, the miracles were poured out immediately!

That same day, E. Clark and E. Stucki called me to tell me about a family that got in contact with them and wants to be taught and baptized! Other missionaries in the area were able to make contact and find more people who have quite a bit of promise. I love hearing about how the Lord prepares the hearts and minds of all people to receive the next blessing and grace in store for them.

I shared my story a number of times this past week on how the Lord opened up the opportunity for me to learn about and accept the restored Gospel. It helped turn an otherwise tense situation with one family into a spiritual experience. I know that the Spirit is poured out upon the people around us as we do good, invite good into our lives, and turn away from influences that would only seek to bring bad into our lives. We can't avoid the bad however, so it's also important to learn how to endure through those things outside of our control and to shoulder the crosses that each one of us needs to bear in order to grow and be strengthened. 

We biked towards this house the other day and again, the couple sitting out front waved at us. This had happened a few days before. This time, we stopped and said hello and started talking to them. They had just gotten married a few months back and as we promised them that our message would help strengthen their marriage for eternity the Spirit helped them see that talking more with us would be good. I'm grateful for the influence and the power of the Spirit.

We held a sacrament meeting in an assisted living center. The scripture was fulfilled where Christ declares that wherever two or more are gathered in His name, He will be there through the influence of His Spirit. 

Have any of you come across Mormon missionaries this past week? How was your experience?

I hope you have a wonderful week! 

Elder Adamek

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