Jan 25, 2016

New Learning - Elder Adamek Mission Jan. 25, 2016


The clouds cover the sky a lot in the winter. Its kind of depressing and you feel it too. When the sky brightens and turns blue, good things happen. 

We had a meeting this past week containing training from the leaders of the Church. It was a broadcast to all the missionaries throughout the world. The simplicity and power of the Spirit which pervaded the meeting was inspiring and instructive. I left the meeting with a stillness in my mind and the sky was blue. We went to grab some lunch at our place. Beneath us lives a lady who we had never met, but who seemed to have a lot of emotional trouble. We can sometimes hear her crying and have considered stopping and talking to her. Well, enough was enough and as we walked towards our place that day, the Spirit told me that it was time to talk to her. We knocked on her door. 

Kimberly does have a lot of problems in her life, many of which she is unable to overcome. The most important thing in that conversation was the Spirit which was there and communicated to her those things which are most inexpressible. I'm glad that we stopped by.

This past week has been one of intense spiritual significance. We taught a man who just got out of prison from an 18 year sentence. Sunday night, the Lord required us to give several blessings to people experiencing distressing medical situations. We kept meeting and teaching people that were college-age, so we passed them on to the Elders who focus on that age group. People's prayers were answered through our visits to them and several people who had been learning the Gospel a little while ago have again made commitments to learn. 

The Spirit has reminded me, tenderly, of past experiences of my life and the divine guidance of my Father in Heaven. He knows you too. I passed my four-year anniversary of my baptism and confirmation into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This covenant to Father means more to me now than it ever has in the past. Faith in Him and His Son, Jesus Christ, means more. I love Them and They have given me greater faith and change in my life than anything or anyone else. 

I hope and pray for a refreshing week for you each.

Elder Adamek

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