Feb 2, 2016

New Companion - Elder Adamek Mission Feb. 1 2016

Hello everyone,

It wasn't too long ago that I walked into the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah and sat down in a small classroom ready to begin. The chair next to me was empty, as my companion hadn't shown up yet. The sun was shining brightly through the window, illuminating the chair where he would be sitting soon. I wasn't sure what to expect with a missionary companion except that it is a pattern established by the Lord to preach His Gospel. 

Elder Bradley walked in and sat down in that golden chair. Within five minutes, I felt like I had known him very well from somewhere. He himself was a convert to the Church of about a year and half, came from the Midwest region (southern Missouri, so I guess more of the South), and had been introduced to the Church by an awesome young woman (this fact elicits many questions from a lot of people) Having those connections were very nice and comforting, but the connection ran a lot deeper. I had reconnected with one of my great friends.

We went into the mission field and got separated for 22 months. We never served around each other until we were in the same zone last month, but even then we didn't get to be around each other very often. Transfer calls came in this past Saturday and with it the news that we would be missionary companions, destined to serve with each other until the end of both of our missions. Joy filled my heart as well as a great feeling of gratitude to my Heavenly Father. 

So, for the next seven weeks, you'll be hearing about the adventures of Elders Adamek and Bradley. :)

I was sad to see Elder Ainsworth go. I learned a lot from this great missionary and am so grateful for his example of service. The Lord has been opening up my understanding of what it means to serve others the way Jesus Christ would serve. I want to do the best I can and be a good missionary. I hope that each of you have a desire to be the best you can be and be good. I know it is hard to recognize that desire at times and to severely doubt and have challenged the feeling of being good in the sight of God and man. You are where you are, but God will always and is always lifting you higher. I have grown to know that is true.

God exists and not just to exist, but to bless and lift us. He helps us move from just existing to living. He lives. 

Elder Adamek
 Elder Adamek and Elder Bradley

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